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Welcome to our new website!

We are a level 80 guild on the Runnyeye server in EQ2, founded on the 1st of november 2005. We offer all aspects of the game to our members and are a guild of mature people who take the game serious but our top priority is to have fun. We help each other out with xp/hq's/quests wherever we can and have instance groups/raids for fun/xp/loot.

We accept more friendly and active members so don't hesitate to post your application on our forums or pm any of the following officers ingame:

Chain of Command:

Guild Founder and Leader is Azuj.

Guild Leader is Wulmar.

Co-Guild Leader is Aelfgifu.

Guild officers are

Guild Bank:   Azuj
Website: Azuj
Events: Wulmar
Raids: N/A

Have fun and take care
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